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Rt-Plotis a tool to generate Cartesian X/Y-plots from scientific data.

from the reviewer at 3d2f.com:

I say Rt-Plot is excellent software, nice and clear in use, with a friendly interface that can help you anytime you need to enter and calculate tabular data or simply make a plot.


The design and user interface of the program enables you to enter and calculate tabular data. You can view the changing graphs, including linear and non linear regression, interpolation, differentiation and integration, during entering the data. A powerful reporting module generates ready to publish documents.

  • unlimited number of data points
  • input also possible as Date&Time value
  • live calculated data points in data table
  • unlimited number of graphs
  • unlimited number of series in graph
  • unlimited number of calculated lines
    • linear regression
    • polynomial
    • non linear regression
    • interpolation
    • smoothing
    • differential
    • integral
    • calculations can use statistical weights
    • error indicators at data points
  • function interpreter for calculating columns and non linear functions
  • graph fully customizable
    • secondary axis at top and right
    • twisted, log, exponential, date&time axis scaling
    • all distances colors styles can be varied
  • report fully customizable
    • built in word processor
    • including graph and results


    Single User License only US$29.90
    (educational US$19.90)

The centre of all activities is the Data Table. This window holds a table of all the numerical data. This window is also the central to load and save data. The columns of this table can be used to enter numbers or to show calculated values within so called “live columns”. These columns can be the base of other calculated columns and can be the source of the data used for a line in a graph. This is done by assigning the columns to X- or Y-Axis values of data series within a graph. The columns can also be assigned as the values used for a statistical weight within regression line calculations and dimensions of error bars around the data points.
The assignments used to show the data within the graphs are visible in the top lines, and can be altered to an unlimited number of series and graphs.

The numerical data are represented within at least one Graph Window. This window shows the graphs of all assigned column data. The options of the lines, symbols and calculation parameters can be altered directly at the right. All the dimensions, colors and styles of the graph, the axis and legends can be altered. The Graph Window also contains the functions for adding calculated lines as linear, non linear regression, interpolation, smoothing, differentiation and integration.

The Reports can contain any calculation result related to the added function lines and the graph. It is processed by merging a template document with the actual data. These documents are freely editable with options similar to those of your favorite word processor.

More Information see PDF-Manual(1.96MB).

The program is distributed as freeware.
You can download the fully working program here.

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